Just like many other women who choose adoption, you might not want an abortion but also aren’t quite ready to be a parent.  If you are worried about finances, a family situation, or your future, making an adoption plan for your child is a beautiful option for an unplanned pregnancy.  

Adoption - how it works- is not always understood. Our staff will explain adoption and can refer you to reputable agencies, if desired.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal transfer by the courts of the rights and responsibilities of parenting from a birth parent to an adoptive couple.  It is a permanent decision. The child becomes as a natural- born child with all such purposes including inheritance.

How do I check this out?

When you have an appointment with us, the San Antonio Pregnancy Care Center staff can walk you through the process of understanding adoption and providing contact information for a reputable agency. We can even call the agency while you are with us to ask specific questions you may have.

Is Adoption the Same as Foster Care?

No. The main difference is that foster care is meant to provide children with a temporary home and family, while adoption is meant to give a permanent home and family to a child.

Are There Different Types of Adoption?

There are three different adoption plans: open, closed and semi-open. Adoption agencies allow the birth mother to choose the level of contact she wishes before placement, at birth and after placement.

Open Adoption: With open adoption, after personally choosing the couple that she   wants, the birth mom and adoptive family exchange information and you the birth mom, have the opportunity to play an active part in your child’s life.

Closed Adoption: Also known as a confidential adoption, this option allows you to     stay completely anonymous in the process even though you still choose the adoptive parents. No identifying information is shared.

Semi-Open Adoption: This plan means you and the adoptive family have contact through your adoption coordinator (agency). You will learn about your child without personal contact.

If I start, can I change my mind?

In Texas, after birth a birth mom must wait 48 hours before being allowed to sign and complete the adoption.  During this time, you are allowed to change your mind and choose to parent.

It is estimated that there are 1-2 million families waiting to adopt; they are ready to financially support and love a child.

No matter why you are considering adoption, our team can connect you with people who can answer all of your question and help in your decision-making process.