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What about abortion?

How far along you are in your pregnancy determines what type of abortion method can be used. There are time restrictions for the abortion pill. Surgery can be done for later pregnancies.  Just like every medical procedure, abortion has side effects and risks. Everything from heavy bleeding to uterine damage is possible. It is important to know beforehand what to expect.

What if I am in school and pregnant?

It may seem like your world just turned upside down.  We are here for you. And we want to remind you that you have power, and you have choices.


Is she pregnant?

Finding out that you got a girl pregnant can be frightening. You may be unsure of what to do or what your role is. It's important to face this situation head on and we have resources to help you do that.

How do I tell my partner/boyfriend?

Often women worry about how their partner will react to the news of an unexpected pregnancy. Click below for some simple steps you can take to help when sharing this news.

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