For Men

Both of you may be overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy...filled with mixed emotions.  Your support is crucial in helping her navigate right now. You can be a solid support for her, and here’s how:

Listen and Dialogue: Simply being present and listening can significantly alleviate your partner’s emotional stress.

Engage in active listening, which means fully focusing on what she is saying and working to fully understand both the meaning and intent behind it. Validate her feelings, re-state her concerns to show her you understand, and show tenderness.

Initiate open and honest conversations to discuss any fears and aspirations. Talk about your true thoughts and feelings and do so clearly and compassionately. Avoid passing judgment. If you are committed to her, let her know.

Educate Yourself: Learning about what she is experiencing can ease some stress. 

Familiarize yourself with the various options for pregnancy including parenting, adoption and abortion. Learn the risks, challenges and resources for each choice so that the two of you can make a well-informed decision together (if she is comfortable). Be sure to neither pressure nor coerce her. Share with her about what you learn.

Listen, share and participate with her...whether it is going to doctor’s appointments, doing errands or offering a strong shoulder to lean on.

The San Antonio Pregnancy Care Center offers free care for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy. Encourage your partner to make a no-cost, confidential appointment with us for support and guidance as she starts on the path of informed decision-making.